We’ve added a new chart to track your actual and forecasted Net Worth (Assets minus Liabilities). We have now made sure that when you click Reports in the main ribbon it will now open on the same Report or Bundle screen that you previously had open.

Planned Release Date: Tuesday, 10 February 2015

New: Net Worth Chart

This new chart is a combination of a bar and line chart. The bars represent your total Assets and total Liabilities over time and the difference is shown in the line chart that represents the Equity or Net Worth of your organisation. This can be run on actuals or as a forecast to see how your net worth is increasing (or if you’re in trouble!)

Improved: Remember Report or Bundle Screen

Previously when you clicked on the Reports button in the main ribbon it would always open on the Bundles screen. If you wanted to work with Reports as opposed to bundles then this would take an additional click which could be cumbersome. Calxa now remembers what you were previously doing with reports or bundles and opens to the appropriate screen.

Fix: Date Selection Resets Under Certain Conditions

There have been a few report criteria options that may have caused the date selection to reset to a default option. For example; checking the option to ‘Include actuals up to’ in the Spreadsheet reports could reset date selection control to a default option. This has been resolved and date controls are no longer affected by other criteria selections.

Fix: Database Upgrade Failed

Some customers with report bundles that included consolidated organisations experienced problems updating their database to Calxa update 2.5.0. This has been resolved and those customers should now update their database to version 2.5.2.