Report Bundles can now include charts. Charts can be exported to different formats and printed directly from the preview window. We have also added support for MYOB Essentials, MYOB Singapore and MYOB Malaysia. 

Planned Release Date: Thursday, 22 January 2015.

New: Add Charts to your Report Bundles

In our last major update we introduced the concept of report bundles which allows you to batch your monthly reports together and print or export them all at once. Now you can also include charts in your bundles, providing all your management reports and charts with the single click of a button. Charts can also now be printed directly from the preview window and exported to many common formats including PDF. Customising charts is also possible as they are built on the same report designer we provide for reports.

New: MYOB Essentials + MYOB Singapore and Malaysia

Calxa now provides integration with MYOB Essentials as well as MYOB Singapore and Malaysia. You can connect to a Singaporean or Malaysian MYOB file with the Classic option and you will see additional options to create an organisation from MYOB Essentials Australia and New Zealand.

New: Run a Single Bundle Item

You will now see a Display Report button in the bundle screen, this permits you to display a single report from within a bundle, allowing you to save your favourite reports to a bundle, even if you don’t normally run them together. For example, perhaps you deliver the same reports each month but to different people. This options enables you to bundle them together but deliver them individually or as separate files. 

New: Contact Form - Calxa Support 

Click Diagnostics->Contact Support to send a custom message directly to the Calxa support team,along with your Calxa event log which helps us to support you faster. If an unexpected error occurs on your machine you will also be prompted with this contact support option. Previously, this initiated an email, however, the  new contact form does not require any other applications,  just an internet connection. 

Improved: Dashboard Links Open in your Default Web Browser

Links in the dashboard newsfeed previously opened in Internet Explorer, they now open using your default internet browser. 

Fix: Removed Redundant Options

The Balance Sheet Spreadsheet report provided an option to run the report by business unit however Calxa cannot calculate  these balances for individual business units. We have therefore removed this redundant report criteria option. 

Fix: Correct Date Format on Licence Summary 

The licence summary screen was showing dates in the US format MM/DD/YYYY. Dates are now formatted according to your operating system’s date settings. Therefore the date will be shown in the same format as other dates on your computer.