This is a maintenance release with a collection of minor updates and fixes, including issues associated with Business Units starting or ending with spaces.

Planned Release Date: Thursday, 20 November 2014

Fix: Business Unit Names Cannot Start or End with Spaces

Improvements were recently made to importing budgets from Excel. As part of this improvement a new rule enforces that business unit and account names cannot start or end with spaces. Calxa automatically fixes names that start or end with spaces but we found scenarios where this fix was not applied and users experienced issues running reports or updating their organisation. This has been resolved.

Improved: Trade Debtor and Trade Creditor Accounts

We have relaxed the rules for which accounts may be nominated in these default categories. We have had reports of customers who need to nominate accounts of type Bank or Credit Card. These accounts were previously not available for nomination, however we have now relaxed this restriction.

Fix: Cost Centre Comparison 24 Business Unit Report

The Cost Centre Comparison incorrectly restricted a maximum of 23 business units. This has been resolved and the maximum is once again 24 as per the template.

Fix: Importing Budgets from Excel with ‘Accounting’ Cell Format

When importing budgets from Excel formatting the cells as Accounting instead of General or Number was causing imports to fail. This has been resolved and all cell formats are now supported.

Fix: Consolidated Header Jobs without Names

MYOB Jobs can be created without a name and only a number. When imported to Calxa as Business Units this header can be used to consolidate the selection of business units. Under the specific circumstance where a header has no name and is set to consolidate, Calxa would incorrectly consolidate all selected business units as opposed to just those under the chosen. This has been resolved.