Support for Xero companies based in the US and further improvements to address duplicate licence activations.

Planned Release Date: Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Improve: Tracking Category Import for US Organisations in Xero

Due to different report formats US companies setup in Xero could not previously import tracking category actuals. In this update Calxa recognised the different format and accurately imports tracking categories actuals from US companies.

Fix: Licence Activations and Server 2003

In the previous update 2.3.4 we included changes to address scenarios where Calxa incorrectly identified some activations as being from another machine. Since introducing these changes we have found scenarios such as on Windows Server 2003 where activations may fail and these have been addressed in this update.

We recommend you install this update if you have had licence activation failures or a request for activation has occurred multiple times. Since these problems are isolated to a few cases all existing activations will continue to work using the old method.

Download the latest version of Calxa here.