Fixes to the cloud database upgrade, Default Superannuation nomination and a few other cosmetic changes.

Planned Release Date: Tuesday, 22 July 2014.

Improve: KPI Account Group Ordering

When working on KPI Account groups you can choose to sort alphabetically or group by the Account Group types. Now when grouping by Account Group Type, the most used groups are now at the top and the resulting order is Period Movement, Closing Balance and Annual Movement.

Fix: Superannuation Nomination

Under certain circumstance when a user loaded the Default Accounts screen accounts nominated in Wages could appear as a Superannuation nomination. His was a problem introduced in the Calxa Update 2.3.4 and has now been resolved.

Fix: Cloud Database Upgrade

The previous update 2.3.4 required a database upgrade to store new information. For some customers using our Azure Cloud Database option this database upgrade was failing. The database upgrade has now been optimised for all database types.