Merged KPIs with standard P&L report templates, Improved Business Unit selection and a few other improvements and fixes.

Planned Release Date: Friday, 11 July 2014.

Extended the Power of KPI Reporting

We have merged the standard Budget Summary and Spreadsheet Profit & Loss report templates so you can now combine standard Profit & Loss type reports with almost any other data. You can optionally include any of your KPIs which will then be displayed as additional information rows in your report. 

For example:

  • You could use the spreadsheet report to show income and expenses each month as well as the closing bank balance;
  • With the Budget Summary report you could add key ratios such as Wages to Income or a Gross Profit percentage – whatever is relevant and useful to your organisation;
  • You can add a KPI to calculate EBIT (Earnings before Interest and Tax) and show that on the same report. Note that editing your own KPIs can only be done in Calxa Premier.
  • KPIs are now calculated for all columns on all templates for these reports (except for a couple where it doesn’t make sense) so if you’re using a customised report, the KPIs will work there too.

The opportunities are endless and we’d love your feedback on how you’re using this feature. Email our CEO, Mick Devine, or comment below to us know what you think.

For details refer to the support note article - KPI Reporting.

Improved Business Unit Selection

If you report on departments or projects you’ll like this change. You can now select Saved Lists directly from the Report Criteria and only need to open another window if you want to change the content of the lists. This should save you a few mouse-clicks every month. For details refer to the support note article - Cost Centre reporting with Calxa Business Units.

Faster AccountRight Live Imports

Organisation updates and new imports will now be faster for users who have AccountRight Live in the cloud. We have introduced compression into our API requests which means there is less data being transferred during an import.

New Tool Tips and Support Links

Throughout the software new tool tips and direct links to specific support materials have been added. This will be used as a stepping stone to introduce context sensitive help buttons. The context sensitive help is coming soon and means you will be able to click on the help button which will link you directly to relevant support articles.

QuickBooks and Xero now Imports the Current Month Actuals

Previously the organisation import and subsequent organisation updates would only import values up to the last completed month. This has been changed to include the current month-to-date actuals and means you can do month-to-date actual to full month budget comparisons.

Fix: Regular Request for Licence Activation

Under certain circumstances Calxa could falsely identify your Calxa activation as being from another machine. This resulted in a request to reactivate. We have investigated and implemented a more reliable method for identifying machines and new activations will now use this method. Since this problem is isolated to a few cases all existing activations will continue to work using the old method.

Fix: Hiding of Sample Files on AccountRight Live Integration

After the MYOB 2014.2 update the option to hide sample files when selecting an organisation no longer worked. This has now been resolved.

Fix: Budgets on Cost Centre Summary Report

Under certain circumstances when the Cost Centre Budget Summary was run in future periods the budget values were not being shown. This has now been resolved.

Fix: Highlight Exceptions on Balance Sheet Spreadsheet

One column in the Balance Sheet Spreadsheet report was not highlighting exception correctly. This has been resolved.