Provides greater flexibility with Account Trees, more enhancements to the charts and multi-organisational spreadsheet reports (including Balance Sheet).

Planned Release Date: Thursday, 20 February 2014.

Greater Flexibility in Account Trees

Using Account Trees you may now reallocate accounts across similar account types. Income and Other Income are now interchangeable as are Cost of Sales, Expense and Other Expense accounts. For more details check out the Calxa Support Note.

New Multi-Organisational Spreadsheet Reports

We have added multi-org consolidation functionality to the Spreadsheet and Spreadsheet Balance Sheet templates. Adding to the existing Cashflow Forecast, Balance Sheet Forecast, and Budget Summary templates we now have all your multi-org forecasting, historical actuals and budget v actual reporting covered. For details on Multi-Org Consolidations please review the Calxa Support Note.

Cashflow Chart now has Creditor/Debtor Days Override

As per the Cashflow and Balance Sheet Forecast reports this feature has been extended to the Cashflow Forecast chart. Essentially you may override the default creditor or debtor payment profiles by setting a custom days count in the report settings. This is handy for scenario testing or cases where there is no historical data to calculate a creditor or debtor payment profile.

Additional Chart Options Available

Under each chart’s common settings you will note some additional customisation options such as supress titles and the cashflow chart now has separate suppress labels options for the bar and line charts.

Faster Organisation Updates for QuickBooks and Xero

If you have many years of historical data in QuickBooks or Xero this can cause slow organisation updates. There is now an option that allows you to just update the current and last financial years, which can greatly increase the speed of organisation updates.

Extra Field in all Report Designer Templates

The report designer now supports custom conditional calculations on account type, such as those required in favourable and unfavourable variances. The addition of a new field called IsCredit means you can now do a condition based on the account being Credit or Debit type.

Help Files Move Online

Moving your help online means you always get the most up to date support no matter where you are or what version of Calxa you have. Clicking links within the software now directs you to the same great support notes found on our website. 

Fix: Moved Licence Activation Storage to Roaming Profiles

In some environments supporting roaming profiles, activation records were being deleted on log off and required re-activation each time a user logged on. This has been resolved by now utilising roaming storage to save licence activation details.