A new budget vs actual style bank movement report and a number of other reporting improvements and small fixes.

Planned Release Date: Tuesday, 14 April 2015.

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New: Bank Movement Analysis Report

This frequently requested report will allow you to compare your actual cash position with your budgeted cash position. Run over any date range, the Bank Movement Analysis tracks your bank balance through Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet movements and compares your budgeted bank balance to your actual bank balance.  

Improved: Added Sorting Option to Waterfall Chart

Recently we introduced the Bank Movement Waterfall chart which provides a great visual representation of your bank movement. After some feedback we have added a sorting option so you can now sort the movements by value, which sorts from largest inflow to smallest inflow and then through smallest outflow to largest outflow. The original account number sorting option remains which sorts in account number or name order.

Improved: Suppress Report Headings

Previously when you used the ‘Suppress Report Headings’ option, white space remained at the top of the report where the headings would normally be. We have improved this such that the white space collapses and is no longer visible in the end report. This improvement has been applied to all default report templates however your custom templates will not include this improvement.

Improved: Display and Edit Budget Notes

This change makes your budget version notes or descriptions far more accessible, with an option to expand and collapse a preview of the notes field. Click Edit if you wish to edit the budget version name or notes and a new name is no longer required to save your changes.

Improved: Sorting of Account Trees

Account Trees are now sorted alpha-numerically in all screens and menus. Previously they were sorted by the created date which could be awkward if you had a large collection of Account Trees.

Fix: Multiple Organisation Spreadsheet Report in Bundle

Under certain circumstances where you added a Spreadsheet Profit and Loss report to a bundle that consolidated multiple organisations, the read only criteria view could not be displayed. This has been resolved.

Fix: Quick Start Wizard

In our previous update the Quick Start Wizard incorrectly created a single years budgets as opposed to the required current and next financial years. This wizard now creates both years’ budgets.

Fix: Reckon Accounts and Calxa with Elevated Privileges

When connecting to the Reckon API (Application Programming Interface) it is a requirement that Calxa is not run with Elevated Privileges. For example if you right click on the Calxa icon and select ‘Run as Administrator’ this would cause problems connecting to Reckon Accounts. In previous versions of Calxa there was a check made on this condition before attempting a connection to Reckon, however this recently started to return false positives on the condition and stopped users from updating their organisation. We have removed this condition check and added a message on connection failure, to notify users that this is a potential cause.