Maintenance release to address issues identified in the previous update.

This is a maintenance release which addresses some issues identified in the previous update.

Planned Release Date: Monday, 11 January 2016.

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Improved: MYOB Essentials Integration Updates Current Month

Previously MYOB Essentials only updated to the Last Actuals period. Now the current month is also updated allowing you to deliver month-to-date reports.

Fix: Incorrect Deletion of ‘Unassigned’ Tracking Category Budgets

In Calxa update 3.0.16 the tracking category called “Unassigned” was incorrectly identified as being deleted. We have implemented a fix to ensure budget data assigned to this Xero Tracking Category is not deleted. Saved business unit lists may still require updating after performing an Organisation update.

Fix: Business Unit Hierarchy in Online Workspace

Some customers using an Online Workspace, found that changes in their accounting system business unit hierarchy was not being correctly updated in Calxa. This has been resolved and all changes are now updated in the Online Workspace correctly.

Fix: Organisation Transfer to Online Workspace

Some organisations could not be transferred to an Online Workspace. This was identified as an error in saved budget shortcuts and this error is now handled correctly during the organisation transfer.