Introducing Metrics to enable the use of non-financial data for Unit Costing.

As well as delivering Metrics for unit costing and other non-financial KPIs we have improved cloud performance for those with multiple organisations and delivered some additional fixes.

Planned Release Date: Wednesday, 2 March 2016.

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New: Introducing Metrics for Unit Costing

Metrics in Calxa (Premier only) allows you to capture both Actuals and Budgets for values that are not already available in your financial accounts. These values can then be used directly in custom KPI formulas allowing you to calculate and report on unit costs such as ‘cost per hour’ or ‘cost per activity’ or any other non-financial values like ‘number of customers’ or ‘casual wage hours’. For help with Metrics please refer to the Help Note Using Metrics.

New: Online Support Link to Event Recordings

In the main ribbon of Calxa click Online Support and select Event Recordings to access the Help Centre's Archived Event Recordings including all previously recorded Web Chat topics.

Improved: Screen Loading with Multiple Organisations in Online Workspaces

Performance improvement have been made for screen loading where an Online Workspace contains multiple organisations. Prior to this release screens would request the required information for all active organisations. Now when you load a screen it will only load a single organisation at a time thus improving the load time.

This logic has been applied to all screens with the exception of the following screens: Dashboard, Reports and Bundles, Edit KPIs, Organisation Management and Manage Users. More performance improvements to come in subsequent updates.

Fix: Unable to Save Criteria in Certain Bundle Items

In some rare cases specific bundles could not be saved after editing the criteria. We identified the cause and resolved this issue.

Fix: Cashflow Forecast – Incorrect Handling of Custom Account Tree

When using a custom Account Tree that moved Expense accounts to the Other Expense category the Cash Outflows from Operations total was not updated correctly. The Cashflow Forecast report now properly reflects custom Account Tree totals.

Fix: Cumulative Accounts to Budget Chart

This chart also did not update correctly when using a custom Account Tree. For example when moving an Expense account to Other Expense the Operating Profit was not updated correctly. The Cumulative Accounts to Budget Chart now properly reflects custom Account Tree totals.