Advanced Rich Text options and finally ....Calxa integrates with QuickBooks Online.

New integration with Intuit QuickBooks Online means we now support MYOB, Xero, Reckon and QuickBooks integrations. Advanced Rich text options supercharge your Calxa Report Bundles, plus additional improvements and fixes.

Planned Release Date: Thursday, 24 March 2016.

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New: Advanced Rich Text Options

Rich Text Documents in Report Bundles already allows you to create cover pages, notes, executive summaries, disclaimers and much more. But now we’ve added the ability to insert your Rich Text notes directly into the following report headers or the previous report footers. For full page documents you also now have control of page layout settings such as orientation and margins.

New: Intuit QuickBooks Online Integration

Calxa now integrates with QuickBooks online companies. We know many accountants and bookkeepers are moving some clients to this platform and you’ll now be able to provide them with the same bundles of reports you give to your Xero, MYOB or Reckon customers. Use the accounting software that suits your clients and use Calxa to provide consistent reports across your client portfolio. Review the help note for details on how to connect to your QuickBooks data.

New: Organisation Transfer between all Workspace Types

You can now copy an organisation including all actuals, budgets, Account Trees and financial settings to and from any workspace type. Until this update we did support copying data from an Online Workspace and this was listed as a known issue for Online Workspaces.

Please note an Organisation transfer or Import does not include Report Bundles or KPIs as these sit outside the scope of a single organisation. We are developing for future release a Workspace Transfer feature which will transfer all Organisations, Report Bundles and KPIs from one workspace to another.

Improved: Export to Excel on some Report Templates

Some default report templates such as the Budget vs Actual Monthly template had inconsistencies in the row alignment when the account name was long and wrapped to a second row. The cause has been identified and an improved configuration applied to all default report templates.

Fix: Missing ‘Actuals’ and ‘Budgets’ Heading on Reports Exported to Excel

Some Budget Summary templates when exported to Excel only included the date range for column headings but missed the Budgets and Actuals labels. Initially the support team were recommending the use of the export mode ‘Text’ instead of ‘Value’ to resolve the missing labels. We have however identified and applied a fix that means both export modes work as expected.

Fix: Percentage Variance Negative Formatting

Both the Budget Summary Percentage Variance and Summary Operating Statement templates incorrectly applied a negative formatting rule to the Percentage Variance columns. Under some circumstances positive values were displayed in red. This has been resolved in the default report templates.

Fix: Standard User Cannot Update Organisation

In our previous software update 3.1.3, the ability to perform an Organisation Update was restricted to Administrators. This was an unintentional restriction and it has been lifted in this update.

Fix: Calculation Error on Some Period Movement KPI Account Groups

If a custom KPI Account Group that was set to the Period Movement calculation type, included accounts that were nominated in the Default Accounts screen there was a calculation error for Budget values in the Budget Summary group of reports. In these very specific cases forecast values were used on the nominated accounts as opposed to budgets causing unexpected results. This has been fixed.