Enhanced Document Editor, Improved Xero Authentication and Metrics Editing

This release has some critical advances in adding documents to report bundles with an internal Document Editor. Improved Xero Authentication should help quicken the process as well as better Metrics editing functionalities with some usual fixes round off this new version.

Planned Release Date: Tuesday, 3 May 2016.

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New: Advanced Document Editor

A new full featured document editor similar to Word is now available to edit rich text content in your Report Bundles. For help with inserting or editing documents refer to this help note.

New: Report Templates for NZ Charity Reporting

We’ve added 2 new report templates to our library as we continue to improve the usability for NZ Charity annual reporting standards. These templates are a small part of some bigger changes so there is more to come in future updates for NZ Charities. For help with NZ Charity reporting please refer to our handy Checklist.

Improved: Xero Authentication

We’ve made the update process quicker and easier for Xero users. You no longer need to authorise every time. Your data is still secured but now with longer-running tokens on our secure authorisation server.

Improved: Metrics Editing

We’ve added the ability to store decimals numbers and there is also an option to consolidate Metric Departments/Projects to the Organisation level. Lastly there is now Undo and Redo functionality that allows you to roll-back changes while you’re still editing if you made a mistake. For help with using Metrics refer to this help note.

Improved: Handling of Company Name Changes

Previously when you changed your company name in your accounting software Calxa would not allow you to update from the new data as a safety measure to ensure you didn’t accidently update from the incorrect company. We’ve now added the ability to accept the name change and continue with the update.

Improved: Organisation Update for Single Year Only

For Xero, Reckon and QuickBooks Online integrations you can now optionally update the current financial year only. Previously you could only limit this to the current and prior financial year but we have relaxed this restriction on the Last Years option so you may now set it to 1.

Improved: Organisation Delete in Online Workspace

Deleting a large organisation from an Online Workspace can take some time. To improve the user experience when deleting an organisation we’ve now implemented this function as a background process. This means you can continue working while the organisation is deleted in the background. You will see the status of this organisation as “Deleting”.

Fix: Save Cashflow Settings

Under certain circumstances user were unable to save their changes to Cashflow settings. This has been resolved.

Fix: Metrics Total and Rounding Behaviour

Previously when editing a metric total Calxa would display and save rounded values in each month. Under certain circumstances these values may not sum to the total so when you returned to the metric screen at a later point the total may have changed. This has been resolved.

Fix: Support for Newer Versions of SQL Server

We’ve updated the .NET management objects used for browsing and connecting to SQL Server workspaces as some users were experiencing difficulties connecting to SQL Server 2014.