Bundle Templates and Enhanced NZ Tier 3 & 4 Charity Reports

We’ve added Bundle Templates with a pre-selected set of reports to give new bundles an easy starting point. With this feature and some new default report templates we’ve made significant enhancements to the New Zealand Charity Tier 3 and Tier 4 reporting.

Planned Release Date: Friday, 27 May 2016.

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New: Bundle Templates

New Report Bundles can now be created from a template gallery. Each template has a pre-selected set of reports to give you an easy starting point. Bundle templates can also help broaden your reporting scope by perhaps highlighting reports or charts you don’t normally use. The first version of templates we’ve included are Small Business Management Reports and NFP Board Reports plus 2 templates for NZ Charity Reporting (more details below).

For more details refer to the help note Create and Manage Bundles.

New: Report Templates for NZ Charity Reporting

We’ve added 2 new report templates to our library as we continue to improve the usability for NZ Charity annual reporting standards. These templates are a small part of some bigger changes so there is more to come in future updates for NZ Charities. For help with NZ Charity reporting please refer to our handy Checklist.

New: Templates for NZ Charity Reporting Tier 3 and 4

There are 5 new Report Templates included so there is no longer the need to use customised reports to meet the NZ Charity reporting standards. We’ve also created 2 new Bundle Templates to meet Tier 3 and Tier 4 NZ Charity reporting requirements, making it even easier to deliver end of year reports under these standards.

Improved: Allow additional users to edit Report Bundles

Prior versions of Calxa only allowed Administrator users to edit report bundles. Secondly the Administrator had to grant standard users permissions to run a particular report bundle.

We’ve improved user permissions so all users may run any report bundle, however the underlying Business Unit permissions are now applied to reports within the bundle. Therefore, there is no longer the need for Administrators to grant permissions for running particular bundles.

In order for a Standard user to be able to edit Report Bundles, this permission will still need to be granted by an Administrator in the Manage Users Screen.

For more details refer to the help notes Using Report Bundles to Generate Batches of Reports and Configure Calxa Users and Permissions.

Improved: Import from Spreadsheet Duplicate Resolution

If you have two type of business units such as Projects and Departments and in each of these, you have a business unit with the same name and number then this can cause duplication issues when trying to import budgets from a spreadsheet. To resolve such cases, we have included an option to define the business unit type in spreadsheet.

For more details refer to the help note Exporting and Importing Budgets.