Upload your Bulk Claims directly to the NDIA Portal

Automated CSV exports for NDIA Bulk Claim uploads, improved NZ Charity reporting plus some small improvements and fixes.


Planned Release Date: Wednesday, 29 June 2016.

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New: NDIA Bulk Claims Upload for MYOB AccountRight

Through the NDIS Provider Portal, providers can make bulk claims by uploading a specifically formatted CSV file. Calxa now automates creating this CSV file from AccountRight. Other accounting systems are coming soon.
For more details, refer to the help note NDIA Bulk Claims Upload for AccountRight.

Improved: NZ Charity Bundle Templates

After feedback on the previous release which included bundle templates for NZ Charity reporting we have made some minor changes to these bundles. We’ve made sure report headings are always suppressed and edited the new report templates with some terminology changes to more accurately meet the charity reporting requirements.

Improved: MYOB AccountRight and Essentials Authentication

We’ve made the update process quicker and easier for organisations that use your my.MYOB ID. Now when you authenticate with your ID we can store long-running access tokens on our secure authorisations server.

Improved: Xero Long Term Access Tokens

After our recent introduction of long term access tokens for Xero integration some customers noted the Xero login screen could on occasion take an extended time to load. This was however an intermittent problem. After some troubleshooting, the cause on our server side has been identified and this issue has been resolved.

Improved: Back End Preparation for New Online Licensing

We’ve been steadily working in the back end of Calxa online setting up a new licensing system. You won’t visibly see any changes in this update but we have connected your current workspaces to your existing subscriptions and trials. Our late July update should see the fruits of this current work when we will expose these changes to you and give you full control of your workspaces and subscription limits.

Fix: Timeout for Very Large Report Bundles in Online Workspace

We identified that very large bundles in the online workspace could reach the transaction timeout limit. These timeouts should no longer occur as we are no longer processing in a single transaction, however we have also planned longer term strategies to improve online processing performance which will in turn further reduce processing times.

Fix: Can’t Add Standard User in Local Workspace

Some customers reported issues adding standard (not Administrator type) users after our previous update. We have identified the cause which was isolated to the local workspace type and resolved the problem in this release.

Fix: Notes Report Failing for Online Workspace

For certain online companies the Notes report was failing to generate. This has been resolved.

Fix: Budget Snapshot Failing

When editing budgets in the Edit budget screen Calxa takes a snapshot of the edited data every 5 mins (depending on your configuration). This can be used to recover your edits in the event of a complete system failure. In Calxa version 3.4.2 these snapshots were failing. This has now been resolved.