Better Online Workspaces, Improved NDIA Bulk Uploads and New Line Charts


This update replaces the previous 3.6.2 release and contains a fix for AccountRight Live authentication on local and network libraries.


Create multiple Online Workspaces for better control of online working groups, improved invoice filtering for NDIA Bulk Claims and new line chart variations on exiting templates. Long term access is also supported for all online accounting systems.

Planned Release Date: Monday, 1 August 2016.

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Fix: AccountRight Live Authentication

This update was previously released as version 3.6.2 which introduced a problem with AccountRight Live authentication for local and network libraries. This has been resolved with version 3.6.3.


New: Online Workspace Control

Calxa Online workspaces are now configurable. Until now you were given a single static workspace however now you can rename and edit the description of your workspace but more importantly create additional workspaces. This is important because it enables you to group users and organisations together while keeping the security permissions in these groups separate.

You can have as many workspaces as required, however each Workspace is connected to a Subscription which does have a limit on Organisations and Users. If your subscription is Premier that entitles you to 5 Users and 5 Organisations, counted across all the Workspaces connected to that subscription. An additional User and Organisation can be purchased together at $10 per month.


New: Line Chart Templates

The Budget Spreadsheet and KPI Spreadsheet Chart now have line chart variations, meaning there is now bar and line chart templates.


Improved: NDIA Bulk Claim Invoice Filtering

The NDIA Bulk Claims Upload feature was released last month for AccountRight Live organisations. This month we’ve extended on this and improved usability by allowing you to filter your Time Billing invoices by customer but further more you can filter your customer cards by MYOB Custom Lists or Identifiers. This enables you to easily categorise your NDIA customers and therefore easily filter the NDIA related invoices before creating the bulk claim csv upload.


Improved: MYOB Essentials and QuickBooks Authentication

We’ve made the update process quicker and easier for organisations that use online accounting systems. After recently introducing Xero and AccountRight long running access tokens we’ve now finalised Essentials and QuickBooks Online using similar approaches. Now when you authenticate we store long-running access tokens on our secure authorisations server.


Fix: Budget Factory Organisation Budget Source

Incorrect behaviour was identified when setting the Organisation Budget Source to Consolidated Projects or Consolidated Departments. If Projects or Departments were also selected in the criteria it was identified that these business units were not being updated. This has been resolved.