Introducing Auto-Updates and a series of new Reports and Charts


Introducing auto-updates which gives you the ability to automatically update from your accounting data. We’ve also added a series of new reports and charts, including the multi-org balance sheet comparison and multi-KPI line chart.

Planned Release Date: Friday, 2 September 2016.


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New: Automatic Accounting Data Updates

Schedule your organisation updates to occur automatically so when you open Calxa it’s already up to date. Auto-updates will be available when both your Calxa Workspace and your accounting system are online (including online access for MYOB AccountRight). Automatic updates are just the beginning as we plan to introduce full workflow capabilities to our online workspaces with features like auto-delivery sending report bundles to your inbox.

This feature also marks the start of our online browser based user interface. Logging in at will now show your online companies and allow you to manage, edit and trigger online workflows. Workflows are currently limited to auto-updates.


New: Multi-Org Balance Sheet Comparison

This heavily requested balance sheet report consolidates multiple organisation and displays each organisation side by side and the consolidation as separate columns.


New: Multi-KPI Line Chart

Compare multiple KPIs over a 12-month period with this new line chart that takes actuals YTD and forecast for the remaining months.


Improved: Balance Sheet with Comparison to Prior Period

The Balance Sheet report now has an option to compare with a prior period. This means you can compare the balance sheet to last month or perhaps the beginning of the year. Previously you could only compare to the same period last year.


Improved: NZ Charity Reporting Templates

Separate report templates now exist for both the Tier 3 and Tier 4 report variations to more closely match the charity reporting terminology across different tiers.


New: Two Factor Authentication for Xero Long Term Access Tokens

Previously two factor authentication was not supported by Calxa when creating a long term access token. Users either had to use the 30 min access token or temporarily disable two factor authentication in Xero to create the token. This was due to limitations in the .NET Framework internet browser control used. This has been resolved by increasing the browser version used.