New powerful automation features and improved NDIA Portal uploads.


Automated workflows are now available for all online workspaces and currently support scheduling organisation updates and the auto-delivery of report bundles. The NDIA Portal upload feature has had some handy improvements including storing a sent date and providing additional invoice filtering options.

Planned Release Date: Monday, 3 October 2016.


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New: Automated Workflows with Report Bundles

Last month’s update saw us take the first steps towards automated workflows with the introduction of auto-updates. This allowed the scheduling of updates from your accounting software. The same workflow engine now provides the ability to schedule the delivery of reports. You can now create a workflow which will update one or more organisations from the accounting system and then email one or more report bundles to yourself, your client, your bank or whoever you choose. Automated workflows can be configured and triggered via the desktop app and a new browser based (online) application. For more details, please see the help article Automation and Workflows.


Improved: NDIA Portal Upload

Based on customer feedback we have made a few cosmetic improvements and introduced a date sent column to the list of invoices. This records the date that the invoice was previously exported for processing with the NDIA Portal. This allows us to exclude these invoices in future processing and we’ve also provided advanced filtering options in the column headings, so you can also re-run a previous dates export by filtering on that date. Lastly according to the latest NDIA upload specifications the ‘Authorised By’ field is now optional and since this field was a cause of confusion for some customers we have removed it from our setup.


Improved: Accounts by Business Unit Chart

This chart can now leverage the consolidation of header business units. Where previously each segment of the pie had to be a single cost centre you can now use the header consolidation settings to create a summary segment that is the consolidation of a group of business units.


Fix: Suppress Zero Behaviour on Custom Budget Summary Templates

By creating a custom report based on a Budget Summary template and changing the columns data bindings, the report criteria option to suppress zeros may not have behaved correctly on this custom report. This has been resolved to correctly filter based on the bindings in the custom template.


Improved: Online Database Design

In the back-end we have begun work on improving the Calxa Online database design. The ultimate goal here is to improve performance for our online customers. The work we have done this month will not be visible to you, however, significant structural changes have been made which are a pre-requisite to the actual performance improvements that are planned for the coming months.