New 5 and 10-year Report Templates plus Auto-Budgets.


This update includes 8 new report templates across the multi-period range of reports. We’ve fleshed out the balance sheet options to match what is already available for P&L, plus added 5 and 10-year options for Cashflow, Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss. A new type of budget version called ‘auto-budget’ has also been introduced which aims to automate a rolling forecast budget.

Planned Release Date: Monday, 7th November 2016.


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New: 5 and 10-year Report Templates

Until now Calxa has provided some 5-year reporting options but they were fairly limited and the longest report range was a 7-year Cashflow Forecast. We now have 5 and 10-year options for the Profit and Loss Spreadsheet, Balance Sheet Spreadsheet, Cashflow Forecast and Balance Sheet Forecast reports. The Balance Sheet Spreadsheet also now has 24-months and 4-quarters templates to match what is available in the P&L equivalent.


New: Auto-Budget using prior year Actuals

Since introducing Automation and Workflows which allows you to automate your reporting we’ve been looking for ways to automate your budgeting. So we are introducing a new type of budget version, ‘Auto-Budget’ which is entirely automated. Essentially it is based on prior year actuals and updates as your latest actuals become available. We recognise that this may not suit everyone but for some of our customers this is enough to keep the forecast rolling. Future enhancements such as applying some percentage increases are also planned for Auto-Budgets.


Improved: Multiple Email Recipients in Workflows

In a report generation step as part of an automated workflow you can now add a comma separated list of email addresses to deliver the report bundle to multiple recipients in one step.


Improved: Added MYOB ODBC Driver 10.1

As part of the MYOB Classic update 19.13 there was a minor version update on the ODBC driver from 10.0 to 10.1. The ODBC driver is made available via the MYOB install however for the convenience of Calxa users who do not have MYOB installed we have bundled the ODBC v10.1 into Calxa as an optional install.


Fix: QuickBooks Online with large number of Cost Centres

If a QuickBooks organisation contained a large number of classes or locations, it would cause an import failure. This has now been resolved.