New reports and a fresh start to the Calxa Online app


This update includes some new reports and improvements. The Spreadsheet Balance sheet now has an option to compare with an alternate budget version and the Profit and Loss statement gets a much requested change to support business unit reporting. We’ve also made our first big steps to our online app with a freshly designed dashboard.

Planned Release Date: Wednesday, 21st December 2016.


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New: Spreadsheet Balance Sheet Revised Report

The spreadsheet balance sheet revised shows your actual closing balances year-to-date forecasting the remainder of the year using your forecast or alternate budget version. This forecasted end-of-year balance is compared with your original budgets end-of-year balance.


Improved: Profit and Loss Statement now supports Business Units

You can now use business unit selection on the Profit and Loss Statement to deliver both actual Profit and Loss and actual KPI results at the organisation and business unit level.


Improved: Account Analysis Report

The account analysis report now includes inactive business units in the results.


New: Online App Dashboard

We’ve continued our development on the brand new web app, starting with a freshly designed dashboard. To follow our progress and try out the new app check out our ongoing blog, Building Calxa Online - the Diaries.


Fix: Spreadsheet Balance Sheet 4 Quarters and 5 Years

These were new templates in our last release and we’ve identified and fixed some errors related to using actuals up-to-a-month other than the end-of-year or end-of-quarter.


Fix: Progress Log for Report Bundle Generation

Some users were seeing unrelated messages in the bundle generation progress log. This has been fixed.