Improved cashflow settings and bundle templates support auto-budgets.


This update includes a new 'Days Count Profile' cashflow setting and the ability to set Creditor and Debtor Days counts in the default accounts setup. We’ve taken the Auto-Budget a step closer to our end goal of complete automation by allowing you to use auto-budgets in our templated report bundles.

Planned Release Date: Friday, 24 March 2017.


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New: Days Count Profile Cashflow Type

Calxa has always provided the ability to set a custom payment profile in Cashflow settings. For example, 100% in 1 month meaning everything is collected the month after being invoiced. In this update, however you can also set this as a number of days (such as 30 or 45) and Calxa will calculate the percentage profile for you.


Improved: Centralised setting for Debtor/Creditor Days

Calculating receipts based on statistical analysis makes sense. However there are some scenarios, where this doesn’t work, such as not having enough historical information. Previously Calxa provided an option to override this calculation in the report criteria. This method could cause discrepancies when some reports were run with or without this setting or perhaps forgetting to change the days counts for different organisations. We’ve now made this an Organisation setting and it can be found with the Trade Debtor and Trade Creditor account nomination. If you would like to use a specific day count in your cashflow forecasting you can set a number of days for each organisation in the Default Accounts screen.


Improved: Auto-Budget

An Auto-Budget is a budget that is calculated automatically from your prior year actuals and now all newly created organisations get an Auto-Budget configured automatically. Watch this space with more improvements to come.


Improved: Report Bundle Templates

When creating a Report Bundle from the templates gallery you can now select which budget version to apply in all the templated reports. This can also be an Auto-Budget helping you to even further automate your reporting.


Improved: Handling of Duplicate Xero Tracking Categories

Xero does not allow you to create tracking categories with the same name but it does allow you to archive a tracking category and then create a new category by the same name. Calxa does not allow duplicate categories even if they are inactive, so we’ve improved the Xero integration to detect this problem and rename the inactive category in Calxa.


Improved: Default File Name on NDIA Bulk Upload Export

A maximum file name size for bulk claim uploads was recently introduced on NDIA Bulk Claims Upload portal. We’ve changed the default Calxa export file name to fit within these new requirements.