Improved Breakeven Analysis and progress to Calxa Online Web App


The Breakeven Analysis now works for surplus or deficit operating margins, meaning you can get an analysis when you need it most, which is when you have failed to breakeven. Also in this update, we’ve made significant progress on our online web app with Organisation Management, Workspace Management and User Profile screens added to the web app. Check out the Online Diaries to keep up to date with the web app progress.

Planned Release Date: Wednesday, 10 May 2017.


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Improved: Breakeven Point and Breakeven Analysis

Through customer feedback we identified a little glitch in the Breakeven KPI and resulting Analysis chart. We’ve uncovered the issue where the KPI didn’t produce results if you were making a loss – and often that’s when you need it most. The formula has been adjusted to include a breakeven point even when you haven’t met that target. Therefore, the Breakeven Analysis chart also now shows a red shaded deficit when you didn’t make the breakeven point. We’ve also added a Variable Costs line which runs parallel to the Total Cost line.


New Online: Workspace and Organisation Management

If you’ve got more than one workspace, you’ll be happy to see the new Workspace Management screen available online. It provides a great snapshot of all your workspaces and what resources (Users and Organisations) each workspace is using in terms of your subscription capacity. This is also where you’ll come to create new online workspaces. Within your workspace you’ll also see the new Organisation Management where you can create and update organisations from online accounting systems like AccountRight Live, Xero and QuickBooks Online.


Improved Online: Workflow

The Workflow Activities view now displays activities from all your workflows with the ability to filter by a workflow and or date range. We’ve also created a New Workflow screen which provides a bit more guidance when creating your first workflow.


Fix: Deleted Workflows Still Triggered

We uncovered a problem where some workflows were still being triggered even after they were deleted. This occurred because the deleting process was a multi-step task and some workflows were being incorrectly deleted. This has been resolved so users who were receiving notifications from phantom workflows should find this has now been fixed.


Fix: Duplicate Inactive Xero Tracking Categories

If your Xero company had more than 1 inactive tracking category with the same name, Calxa would fail to import or update the organisation data. This has been resolved and now duplicates including inactive duplicates are renamed with a number suffix to ensure unique naming.