This help note assists existing customers who wish to purchase an Additional Subscription of Calxa.  

If you are a new Calxa user, and have had a Trial, please see the help note Purchase from a Trial.

  1. Sign in to the Calxa App and go to the ellipsis symbol on the far right side and click Billing.

2. In the Billing Management Screen click New Subscription.

3.  This opens the New Subscription request page, complete the details as required. 

  1. Give the subscription a name so the Owner can identify it in their list of Subscriptions. 
  2. Add a Reference, for easy identification for the Payer.

    NOTE: The Licence Owner has permission to Rename subscription, and the Licence Payer has permission to Set a reference.  

    If you are the Owner and Payer, you can do both, however, it is important to note that if you are, or will in future, be the Payer only, the Owner may choose to Rename the Subscription.  It could be important that you Set a reference in order to be able to distinguish between different subscriptions, for example if you purchase on behalf of a number of clients.

  3. Choose the Product you require, the outside of the box will turn Orange to indicate your choice.
  4. Select Additional users, if required, by moving the slider button.
  5. Select Additional organisations, if required, by moving the slider button.
  6. Tick radio button as preferred.  
  7. NOTE: When you click "This subscription is for someone else", and complete the email address, that person will have access to the subscription, and they will have to give permission for others (including yourself) to access. If you wish to set up the data file, you will need to be the owner, it can be transferred to someone else later.
  8. Check the details are correct and click BUY SUBSCRIPTION, this will be Green once all the details are completed.  The invoice will be issued and capture of payment from the recorded payment method attempted. NOTE: If you wish to change the payment details, do this BEFORE you order the New Subscription via the Payment Details link at the far left of your screen.

            4.  The New Subscription will appear in your Billing Management list, you can Rename the subscription or Set a reference from the ellipsis on the right.

5. Add / update / remove the Subscription details or reference as required, then click Set to save. Once done you will be returned to the Billing Management screen.

6. Go to the Admin tab in the top ribbon to add a Workspace and connect to your accounting data.