From time to time you may wish to change the level of your Subscription, or the number of users and/or organisations to be included in that subscription.

NOTE: Only a subscription owner or co-owner can upgrade or downgrade a subscription.

1. Sign in to the Calxa app and from the Ellipsis on the right hand side of the screen choose Billing

2. From your Current Subscription, click on the EDIT SUBSCRIPTION button

3. Enter the Changes you require - see the example in the screenshot below


  1.  The Subscription has been changed to Premier which includes 5 users and 5 organisations
  2.  Move the slider button to purchase an additional 2 users - brings total to 7 Users
  3.  Move the slider button to purchase an additional 3 organisations - brings total to 8 Organisations
  4.  Total monthly cost for subscription
  5.  Details of the payment method - this will be charged with the new amount
         NOTE: If you wish to change the payment method or the details of the credit card to be charged, you will need to update this before changing the subscription, to do so click on the Payment Details link at the far left of the screen
  6.  Once you are happy with your changes and have checked the amount payable click SUBSCRIBE NOW

4.  The upgrade / downgrade will process and the Billing Management Screen will show your new details

5.  An invoice will be issued to you by email.  Any credits allowed for unused portions of a month, or for downgrades will be itemised clearly on the invoice, an immediate attempt will be made to capture the Total amount of the invoice, by the payment method recorded on your account.  See the example below: