If you have a current Trial or expired Subscription of Calxa, and you wish to purchase a subscription, you can upgrade the existing subscription to continue with the files you have been using in your trial.

1. Sign in to the Calxa app, then click on the Ellipsis at the far right and select Billing.

2. Make sure that Subscriptions is selected on the left of the screen.


3. Click on Subscribe Now shown at the right of your trial subscription.

4. Select a product (1), the outside of the box will highlight orange; Cost will appear in the bottom right corner of the page (2); Then select payment method (3);

Once these three are selected the SUBSCRIBE NOW button will activate and highlight to Green (4)

Select product and set payment type

5. Click the SUBSCRIBE NOW button.

Subscribe now

6.  A form will pop up relating to your chosen payment option. Fill in the payment details as appropriate.

The payment will process and you will be returned to the Billing Management Screen with your new Subscription displayed, and noting the next payment due date.


New subscription summary

7. The Ellipsis on the right gives you the option to Rename your Subscription or Set a Reference if desired, click the Ellipsis, then click on the field.

This is most useful for organisations which have more than one subscription.  The greyed out choices below the line are not yet available, but will be coming soon.

8. Type your reference in the box and click SET.

9. You will return to the Billing Management screen and see the Reference as typed.

Reference on subscription