Calxa allows you to report on business units (i.e. jobs, tracking categories, cost centres, programs). You can display a detailed business unit view, a consolidated view, or both depending on the level of reporting you need.

This help note will show you how to report using business unit selections. Note you can create business unit selections via the Business Unit Selection screen - this screen is a good place to create new business unit groups because it provides you with a larger window to work with.


Report on Organisation

When reporting at the overall Organisation level, if you have budgeted by business unit, such as Projects or Departments, you may need to review your Organisation Budget (Consolidation Setting) to ensure your budgets are consolidated to the overall organisation level in Reports and Dashboards.

Report on Business Units

  1. First create your Business Unit Selections in the Report Tools -> Business Unit Selection menu.

    Note: you can also edit the business unit selections directly in the report criteria as shown below.

  2. Select a Report Template in the Reports -> Builder menu.

  3. To choose one of your saved business unit selections click on the cog to the right of the organisation drop-down.

  4. Select the desired saved business unit selection from the Business Units drop-down.

    Note the Organisation selection will display a total organisation report when selected.

    Select business unit selection
  5. Click the Refresh Report button in the report preview on the right to display the report using your business unit selection.

Edit Business Unit Selection

See the Business Unit Selection menu help material for more details on editing business unit selections, however it is also possible to edit your saved selections from with the report criteria as described below.  

  1. Click the edit pencil next to the Business Units drop-down.

    Edit Business unit selections

  2. The Business Unit Selection menu will open as a dialog where you can make the required changes.

  3. Click SAVE ALL to save your changes.