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Calxa's workspace transfer function makes it easy for you to move online. The workspace transfer will copy a complete local or network database to an online workspace, which you will access through Calxa's online app in your preferred browser.

This help note will walk you through the steps to move your Calxa data online. The three steps you'll take to do this are: 1. Copy your database to an online workspace;  2. Reconnect to your accounting file;  and 3. Invite users and set their permissions.

Important notes before you begin:

  • Only a subscription data owner or co-owner can perform the steps outlined below.

  • Online workspaces support online accounting systems only
    • MYOB AR local/network files and MYOB Classic files (MYOB AccountRight Premier v19.15 & earlier) cannot be used with an online workspace.

    • Move your MYOB data file online first beforeyou move your Calxa data online.
      • To migrate your MYOB AR Premier v19.15 organisation (or earlier) in Calxa to a MYOB AR 2019.x online organisation, please follow the instructions in this help note.


1. Copy Workspace - Local Database to Online Workspace

2. Reconnect to your Accounting File

3. Invite Users and Set Permissions

STEP 1 - Copy Workspace - Local Database to Online Workspace

  1. Begin by opening up your existing Calxa desktop software as you normally do.

  2. Ensure you have the latest Calxa software installed - the current latest version is 4.5.0. 

    If you don't have the latest version you can install it by clicking here. Note some users may not have permission to install software on their machines. If that's your situation please contact your IT support provider or system administrator to install the update for you. 

  3.  Next, you will check where your database is saved.

    If you don't know whether you use a local or network database, have a look at the bottom left side of your Calxa screen. A local database will show the data source as a file path, most commonly on the C: drive. A network database will start with SqlServer.

    If you see Data Source: with a name of some kind with no file path or SqlServer noted, you already have an online workspace so don't need to proceed any further. Sign in now to the online app in your preferred browser.

    The database example shown below is a local database. Write down the data source details about your database or take a screen snipping - you will need them shortly.

  4. You will sign in to Calxa Online via the Authentication screen.

    1. Click Calxa in the upper left corner and select Authentication from the drop down menu.

      Sign In

    2. Under Workspaces on the left panel click Online.

      Sign In

    3. Click the Sign In button.

      If you already have access to another online workspace and are signed in you might instead see a list of workspaces - if that's the case skip to step 5. below.

    4. Enter your email address and password and click Sign In.

      If you don't know your password, please click the Forgot your password link in the Sign In box shown above. You will be sent an email with a link to reset it.

      *Should you find you aren't receiving the reset email in your Inbox or Junk folders, please ask your IT support to review your mail server filters to ensure you can receive messages from

      Click the link in the email you receive. You will be brought to the Reset Password screen in your browser. Enter your new password and confirm it, then click Reset Password.

      DO NOT sign in to Calxa Online in your browser at this point - please close it, then go back to the Calxa desktop client sign in box as shown in the image above, and sign in with your new password there.

  5. New online users will see a screen like the one below, but there likely won't be any workspaces listed. Click on the Import Workspace button.

    Note the workspace transfer copies your local/network database to the online workspace. Your original database is retained in this process, no data is deleted, therefore if you choose to revert to your local/network files later they will still be available (provided you don't delete the .CalxaDB local database file or SQL database yourself at some later point).

  6. The Select Workspace Transfer Source box will pop up. Click on Local on the left side, then click on the Open button next to File name.

    *Note for Network database users - please continue from step 2. in the Copy Workspace - Network database to Online section below.

  7. Navigate to where your local database is saved in the File Explorer box that pops up. Select it and click Open.

  8. The Calxa Authentication default setting is a user name of Administrator with a blank password, so if you aren't sure of your credentials try the default. If you have set a password or another user name on the Calxa database please enter that here instead. Click Sign In.

  9. The Import workspace properties box will open. The default name assigned to your workspace will be displayed at the top. You can update this name to something more descriptive and concise such as your organisation name if preferred. Click OK when finished.

  10. A Workspace Transfer status box will pop up showing each step of the workspace transfer as it is completed.

  11. When the import is finished you will see the workspace name in your list of workspaces. You can now sign in to the online app in your preferred browser to complete steps 2 and 3.

  12. If you see a read-only message displayed when you sign in to the online app, please see the organisation capacity section below.

STEP 2 - Reconnect to your Accounting File

Moving your Calxa database online will require you to reconnect to your online accounting file. This is because the long-term access token you created to remember your accounting system login credentials in the desktop is dropped during the process of moving online.

You'll go to the Organisations screen in the online app to reconnect to your accounting system. There you will see a list of all your organisations with options to reconnect to the accounting system, sync, rename and delete all in the one screen. See this help note for instructions.

STEP 3 - Invite Users and Set Permissions

Having moved to an online workspace, you will also need to re-invite users to your new workspace using their email addresses, then set the permissions you want them to have.

See the Invite a User and Set User Permissions help notes for full instructions. There is also a Delete a User help note for when that's needed.

With this this step completed you have completed your move to an online workspace. 

Tips to get familiar with Calxa's online app

To help get you familiar with Calxa's online app, please have a look at this video, then if desired see this help note for links to more in-depth support materials on each topic.

Calxa's Help Centre contains help notes and videos on all aspects of the online app. 

Online Subscription Organisation Capacity

Please note that the number of organisations included in the subscription price is lower in online than in desktop due to online storage costs. A Calxa Premier online subscription includes 5 organisations. Express includes 1 organisation.

You will also have access to the desktop licence organisation capacity for a local/network database after moving online as well. Please note though that any changes you make in your online workspace will not be reflected in your original local/network database, so you should work in the online workspace only going forward.

Note: You will be allowed to transfer your entire workspace to online if you have more organisations than your subscription includes, however once the transfer completes you will get a message saying that your workspace is in read-only status.

*If you don’t need to keep all the organisations that were transferred into the online workspace, you can delete some via the Organisations screen in the online app. For example, any old offline accounting files or copies of organisation files could easily be removed.

The workspace transfer copies your local/network database to an online workspace. This means your original database is retained in the process, no data is deleted. 

**To continue working with all the organisations you transferred you can purchase additional organisations for $10 per organisation per month. The Edit Subscription help note provides instructions on how to do this.

Note you can also use a combination of an online workspace and a local/network database for a greater organisation capacity if preferred, as you will also still have access to the desktop licence organisation capacity for a local/network database after moving online. So you could have 5 organisations online and the rest in a local/network database.

If you still see a read-only message after reviewing and addressing your organisation capacity, please contact Calxa Support at for assistance.

Copy Workspace - Network Database to Online Workspace

  1. Please refer to steps 1.-5. above under Copy Workspace - Local Database to Online Workspace, then return to step 2. below.

  2. The Select Workspace Transfer Source box will pop up. Click on Network on the left side. Your server name, database and server authentication should be automatically populated for you, but if they aren't you can browse for them via the drop-down next to each.

  3. The Calxa Authentication default setting is a user name of Administrator with a blank password. If you aren't sure of your credentials try this default.

    If you have a different user name and password on the Calxa database please enter that here instead. Click Sign In.

  4. Please continue from steps 9.-12. above in the Copy Workspace - Local Database to Online Workspace section.