If you're using our legacy desktop application but have online accounting data, then we strongly encourage you to consider Calxa Online instead.  You'll get the benefits of cloud accessibility plus all the new features only available in the online app. 

While we do continue to support the desktop application in its current form we stopped providing feature updates for this product in June 2018 and in January 2020 we disconnected the desktop app from our online services. This means there is no longer an automated migration process, however this guide will help you setup your new online workspace and import your desktop budgets to get started. 

Will it cost more? 

No, in most cases there is no additional cost to moving online. There may however be some additional cost if you require more then the standard number of users or organisations. See Pricing for more details.  

Move Online Steps

Sign in with Subscription Owner email address

The owner email is likely the person who first purchased or the login that manages the billing, however if you're not sure please Contact Us and we'll be able look that up for you. 

Then Sign in to Calxa Online app

Create a workspace and add your organisations

  1. Create a Workspace
    A workspace is the equivalent of your local database. As per the desktop application each database can contain one or more organisations and a set of invited users, so if you have multiple databases configured for your desktop application then you may wish to create multiple online workspaces.

  2. Connect your organisations as per the following articles
    1. Add a MYOB AccountRight Organisation
    2. Add a Xero Organisation
    3. Add a QuickBooks Online Organisation
    4. Add a MYOB Essentials Organisation

Import your existing budgets 

The best practice for getting your existing Calxa desktop budgets online is to export them from the desktop and import them online. 

  1. Export each desktop budget version a single year at a time

    The online import format has changed slightly from the desktop format so the following minor changes are required to import online.
    1. Edit allmonthly column headings with the following date format
      1. YYYY MMM (for example 2020 Jul, 2020 Aug, 2020 Sep, ...etc)

  2. For each desktop budget version you exported create a new budget version online 
  3. Import each budget version online
    1. Refer to this help article if any import errors occur

Custom Report Templates

If you have created custom reports in the desktop there is a good chance you can import those online. 

  1. Using the desktop application browse to the reports list and select the custom report you would like to export
  2. Expand the edit template section at the bottom of the Report Templates column to display the template properties
  3. Click the Save template button (Save Disk icon or third button in the Operations menu)
  4. Navigate to the folder on your computer where you are saving your report template to.  Type a name for the file in the File name box and click Save.
  5. Then refer to this help note to Import the Custom templates online

Other desktop features

For all other features you will essentially just need to reconfigure them as if you were stating new in Calxa. You could consider having the desktop application open on one screen and the browser open on another while you copy the required changes. 

Please see the article - Links for Calxa Desktop Users who have moved their Calxa data Online

this help article if any import errors occur