You can search this help centre directly within the online app using the built-in Help Widget. If you don't find the help material you're looking for, you can easily raise a support request from this screen as well without leaving the app. 

To view the full Help Centre directly click here.

Search Help Articles

  1. Click the Help Me button on the right-hand edge of your screen.

  2. To search the help centre click Search Articles.

  3. Type your search parameter into the search box provided and the results will be shown below.

  4. Click the search result you'd like to view and it will open in a new window.

  5. Alternatively you can click Show all results to open the full search results in the Help Centre. 

Open a Support Ticket

If you haven't found the help your looking for or need to open a support ticket for another reason you can also open this support ticket from within the app. 

  1. Complete the required fields on the Help Widget form and click Submit.

    Note: while you are completing the ticket properties it will also search the knowledge base for the Subject you provide.

  2. Optionally you can click the camera icon to take a screenshot of your current window. Use this if there is something on the screen that may assist us in helping you.

  3. Lastly, if there is any other attachments you'd like to add you can do so by clicking the attachment icon.