Bundles are a powerful feature that let you create a complete management reporting package containing your monthly reports, cover pages, notes and other rich text documents. 

This help note will show you how to create a bundle using one of Calxa's pre-configured bundle kits.

  1. Navigate to Reports -> Bundles.

  2. Click Create New Bundle and select Choose from a range of pre-configured bundle kits on the right.

    Create new bundle
    Note: To create an empty bundle, select the Create a blank bundle option.

  3. Next select the pre-configured bundle kit you would like to use by clicking on its name.

    Calxa offers the following bundle kits: 1. 3-Way Forecast (coming May 2019);  2. NFP;  3. Small Business;  4. Accountant;  5. NZ Charity - Tier 3 & 4;  6. ATO-Sponsored Cash Flow Coaching Kit.

    Select the organisation you are creating the bundle for from the organisation drop-down, then choose the budget version from the budget drop-down. If you don't have a budget yet choose the Auto-Budget which Calxa automatically created for you using last year's actuals.

    Click the Create Bundle button.

  4. The bundle you've created will now be displayed in the My Bundles list at the left, and the reports in that bundle will be shown on the right.

  5. See Add a Document to a Bundle for instructions on how to insert text documents into your bundle.

    You can use text documents to create cover pages, executive summaries, notes to the financial statements, insert external reports/charts or create a custom header.

  6. For detailed instructions on how to edit and run your report bundle see the Edit a Bundle and Run a Bundle help notes. To learn how to add a new report to your bundle see Add a Report to a Bundle.

  7. To learn how to automate your reporting to have your bundles emailed to you on a schedule, please see Created an Automated Workflow.

  8. For details on running individual reports from the builder please refer to the Report Builder help notes.