This help note will show you how to sync a Xero organisation as well as change your sync options. For more info on how Calxa integrates with Xero refer to Calxa and Xero.

To add a new Xero organisation refer to Add a Xero Organisation.

To reconnect an existing Xero organisation refer to Reconnect a Xero Organisation.

  1. Navigate to:
    Reports -> Report Tools -> Organisation Sync
    Settings -> Organisation Settings -> Organisation Sync

  2. Identify the Organisation you wish to Sync in the list of Organisations and click SYNC NOW. 


Automatic Sync 

You can use a Workflow to automatically sync your organisation on a daily, weekly or monthly schedule. See Create an Automated Workflow for detailed steps.

Sync Options

Calxa provides options that can speed up your organisation sync process by excluding selected data such as the business units, budget and years synced.

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Organisation Settings -> General.

  2. Choose an organisation from the Selected organisation drop-down.

    General Settings Menu
    Refer to the General Settings help note for full details on this menu.

  3. The What do you want to sync? section provides options related to the sync process.

    What do you want to sync?

  4. Set the following options and click SAVE CHANGES

    1. Include Tracking Categories (Department and Project in screenshot above)
      Xero Tracking Categories help you create Business Units or Cost Centre within your organisation. They can be used for Projects, Programs, Departments, Regions or tracking just about any segment of you business.

      1. Toggle Off (grey position) to reduce sync time.

      2. Toggle On (green position) if you need to budget and report by these segments in Calxa.

    2. Include Years
      This determines what years are updated during the sync process.

      1. All Available is used to do a full sync of all available years. 

      2. Current & Previous will reduce the sync time by syncing only the current and previous financial year. 

      3. Current will reduce the sync time by syncing only the current financial year.

    3. Include Xero Overall Budget
      You can optionally sync the Xero Overall budget into a read only copy in Calxa. This option is limited to the Overall budget only and Tracking Category or additional budgets in Xero are not accessible.

      Use this option to import your Xero Overall budget and then copy the data to an editable version in Calxa. See Use your Accounting System Budget in Calxafor more details.
      1. Toggle Off (grey position) recommended to reduce sync time. 

      2. Toggle On (green position) to sync Xero Overall budget into Calxa.


When a Sync process completes a success or failure message is sent to your notifications area. Look for a green bell with a number indicating the number of unread messages. Click on the bell to show the list of notifications.

Notification bell

Notifications message

Error Messages and Remediation

Could not connect to Xero. Please reconnect via Reports -> Report Tools -> Organisation Sync.

If you get this error message please follow the Reconnect a Xero Organisation hep article. 

The access token is not valid, or has been revoked by the user. Please re-authenticate.

If you get this error message please follow the Reconnect a Xero Organisation hep article. 

The organisation 'Your company name' could not be accessed at this time. It is either currently syncing or marked inactive. 

This error will occur if a 2nd synchronisation process is triggered while the first is still in progress. This error may happen if 2 users attempt to synchronise at the same time or if you have configured multiple workflows that attempt to sync the same organisation at similar times.    

Something's gone wrong. Contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

This is a generic error message that indicates you will need to contact the Calxa support team for assistance. 

You can raise a support ticket via the Contact Us option in the Help widget shown below, phone or email.

Help Widget