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This help note will show you how to sync a QuickBooks Online organisation in your workspace as well as change your sync settings and business unit terminology in Calxa. 

For instructions on how to add a QuickBooks Online organisation please see this help note. To reconnect to an organisation see Reconnect a QuickBooks Online Organisation.   

  1. Sign in to Calxa, then go to the workspace where the QuickBooks Online organisation you want to update sits.

  2. Click on My Workspace at the top of the screen.

  3. Click on Settings, then select the QuickBooks Online organisation from the Selected organisation drop-down.

  4. The screen will refresh to show the organisation you selected. Click on Sync Now to update your organisation.

  5. Calxa provides options that can speed up your organisation sync process by excluding selected data such as the business units, budget and years synced.

    1. To control these settings, go to the General Settings menu at the left of the Settings screen you're on.

      The Sync settings are on the right-hand side of this screen. From here you can choose whether or not to include Customer, Class, or Location business units and the number of years' data to include.

      Additionally, you can choose to sync or turn off the sync of your budget from QuickBooks Online each time you sync your organisation. Customer, Location, Class or Organisation budgets can be synced.

      Please refer to the General Settings help note for further details on these settings. Step 11 of Add a QuickBooks Online Organisation explains where the QuickBooks Budget appears in the Budgets & Actuals screen.

      Note the QuickBooks Budget version is read-only and cannot be edited because it is updated from your accounting system, however you can create an editable copy via the Manage Budgets screen, or copy an individual year to an editable version using the Budget Factory.

    2. On your initial organisation import, Calxa associates QuickBooks Online Customers, Locations and Classes with the Calxa default business unit terminology of Project, Department and Class.

      You can change these names in the General Settings screen to match the QuickBooks Online terminology, or set your own custom labels. With these settings you'll see the names you've set wherever Business Units are referenced instead of Project, Department and Class.

  6. You will see the message Syncing with QuickBooks Online with the Calxa bubbles to show you your organisation is being updated.

  7. When the organisation update has been completed you'll see the Last synced date below the organisation name reflects the latest updated date and time.

  8. Note you can also update your organisation via the Organisations menu in the Admin screen. This menu shows a full list of all the organisations across your workspaces with options to sync, reconnect to the accounting system, rename and delete all in the one screen. See the Organisations Menu help note for more details.

  9. You can also update your organisation with an automated workflow. The workflow can update the organisation on a schedule or be run manually. Refer to the Create a Workflow to Automate your Reports help note for details.