This help note will show you how to add a QuickBooks Online organisation to your workspace. 

For instructions on updating an existing organisation please see the Update a QuickBooks Online Organisation help note.

NOTE:  Only a subscription owner or co-owner can add an organisation to a workspace.

  1. Sign in to Calxa, then click on the ellipsis at the top right of your screen and select ADMIN from the drop-down.

  2. This will bring you to the Admin screen. Click on Add Organisation at the left.

  3. Select the Workspace where you would like to add your organisation from the Select Workspace drop-down, then click the Next Step button.

  4. Note you can also add an organisation to a specific workspace by clicking on the ellipsis to the right of the workspace name and selecting Add Organisation (this is an alternative to step 2 above where we selected Add Organisation from the menu on the left).

    Selecting Add Organisation from the workspace ellipsis menu populates the workspace name in step 3 above automatically.

  5. Now you will select your accounting system. Click on the Connect to QuickBooks button.

    Click Connect to QuickBooks

  6. A sign in screen for QuickBooks Online will pop up. Enter your QuickBooks email or user id and password and click Sign In.

  7. Select the QuickBooks Online organisation you want to import from the Company/Firm drop-down. Click Confirm.

  8. You will next be asked to authorise sharing your QuickBooks Online data with Calxa. Click the Authorize button at the bottom right.

  9. The message below will pop up briefly. No action needed.

  10. Choose import settings. You will see your organisation listed here. Before you begin the import you must decide what business units you want to bring in to Calxa. To import the Class, Customer or Location business units click on the toggle next to the desired business unit name. This will turn the toggle green and indicates the business unit will be imported. In the example below only the Classes will be imported.

    Click Begin Import.

  11. A progress bar will appear to show you the organisation is importing.

  12. When the import completes you will be brought back to the Admin screen. You will see the organisation you imported listed under the workspace where you added it.

    To go and work in this new organisation click on the Open Workspace link.