Step 1 - Sign up

During the trial or purchase wizard you'll connect to your accounting data and review some basic settings. 

Sign up for a Trial

Click here for a 30-day free trial.

Refer to this help note for detailed instructions on the sign up process, including how to connect to your accounting file.

Add additional organisations 

Step 2 - Set up your Budget

An auto-budget based on last year's actuals is automatically created for you when you add an organisation. This auto-budget cannot be edited, so you will eventually want to set up your own budget in Calxa.

To set up your budget you have a few options:

  • Enter or Edit your budget - use the budget editor to enter figures in a spreadsheet-like view or edit an existing budget.

  • Budget Factory - create new budgets, update existing budgets or copy budgets for multiple business units and years all at one time. You can also use it to create a reforecast containing actuals YTD.

  • Import your budget from a spreadsheet - handy tool if you already have budgets set up in Excel, have a large number of business units, want to delegate portions of the budget to managers, or have complex formulas best modelled in Excel.

  • Sync your accounting system budget - this can be done for both the business unit and organisation level with MYOB AccountRight and QuickBooks Online, and for the Overall Budget only with Xero.

Step 3 - Run Reports

Calxa has a huge range of reporting features - from standard financial statements or actual vs budget comparisons to more complex business unit or multiple entity consolidations. Review the links below that apply to your reporting requirements. 

Step 4 - Set up Report Bundles

Report bundles help you save time by saving sets of reports and documents into complete management reporting packs. During Step 1 Calxa will have created a sample bundle for you, but you'll probably want to edit that or create your own.  

Step 5 - Automate Reports

During Step 1 you may have already chosen to have reports sent to you monthly. In this case you will already have a Workflow configured to sync with your accounting data and send you a sample report bundle. 

  • Set up a Workflow to automate your reporting. A workflow can sync your online accounting file data and generate and deliver report bundles.

More Calxa Features