Do you need to reference notes on your financial reports? Now you can with your Report Bundles. It's as simple as these few steps.

  1. Use the report document editor to create your notes, including any tables or images that you need to illustrate them. You have full control over the formatting and appearance of your notes.
    When creating your document select the Merge Mode of Previous Footer and order the bundle so your notes are immediately below the relevant report. If you’ve forgotten to select the Merge Mode when creating the document, you can change it at any time by clicking on the document properties.

  2. Now display your bundle and export it to an RTF file (the export button is the second from the right on the toolbar). This file can then be opened in Word – or your favourite editor – and you can simply add a text box to the relevant lines on the report to reference your notes.

  3. Save the file in PDF format if you want to prevent further changes and send to your client.

Below is a Sample Bundle with Annotations.