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Report Bundles is a powerful feature that lets you bundle a variety of reports together with cover pages, notes and other rich text documents, to print them all at once. This help note specifically looks at creating and managing bundles.

See the help article Using Report bundles to generate Batches of Reports for an overview of the Bundle concept and links to additional help resources



  • Create a New Bundle
    • New Bundle from Template Gallery
    • New Bundle (Empty)
  • Manage Bundles
    • Edit Bundle Properties
    • Copy a Bundle
    • Delete a Bundle


Create a New Bundle

New Bundle from Templates Gallery

Bundle templates allow you to quickly create a bundle that includes a pre-selected set of reports and documents. Using bundle templates is a great starting point from which you can then edit and customise the content to fit your specific needs. Templates are also a great way to explore different reports or for new users to see how bundles fit together.

To create a new bundle from the template gallery, click Bundle Templates.

Bundle Template Gallery


In the Report Bundle Templates Gallery select the Organisation you would like to use in the bundle, select the bundle template best suited to your purpose and click Create Bundle.

Create from Report Bundle Template Gallery



New Bundle (Empty)

To create a new empty report bundle, that you will later add reports and documents to, click the New Bundle (Empty) button in the Bundle list column.

Create New Empty Bundle


Complete the properties for a new report bundle and click OK.


Report Bundle Name
This is used to identify your bundles and therefore must be unique. It is also the name shown in the Bundle list.

Show the Report Bundle Title in the displayed bundle
When you generate a bundle you may optionally include an overall bundle title as well as the individual report titles. This check box determines if you will include the bundle title.

Report Bundle Title
If the check box above is selected, then this title will be displayed at the top of the bundle. This does not need to be unique as it is not used to identify your bundle.

Notes are optional but you may wish to include some notes about the intended audience and what reports are included. Adding notes here may also help other people who use this bundle.

Edit Bundle Properties 



Manage Bundles

When you select a bundle from the bundle list in the first column, all the properties and actions for that particular bundle are displayed in the next column to the right.

Manage Bundles



Edit Bundle Properties

Click Properties to open the Edit Properties dialog box. Edit the required properties and click OK.

Note: These are the same properties described in the previous section Create a New Bundle.

Bundle Properties



Copy a Bundle

Copying a bundle copies all of the bundle properties and the bundle items, to a new bundle. Click Copy to open the Copy Bundle dialog.

Copy a Bundle


Update to the required properties for the copied bundle and click OK.

Note: These are the same properties described in the previous section, Create a New Bundle.

Edit Report Bundle Properties 



Delete a Bundle

Click Delete in the bundle details column.

Delete a Bundle


Please note that deleting a bundle means deleting the bundle and all of its bundled items.
This operation cannot be undone. Confirm that you want to delete the bundle by clicking Yes.

Confirm Delete 


Type DELETE to confirm you really want to delete the entire bundle and click OK.

Type Delete