Because data is saved differently and the integration methods vary in each accounting package, if you are planning to or have switched accounting systems, then you should be aware of how that effects your Calxa data. First of all please refer to the FAQ, What accounting software works with Calxa? to confirm your new accounting system is supported. If it is supported, then this help note will guide you in migrating your existing data. If you have any difficulties remember that our Customer Support team is only an email or phone call away, or our Accredited Partners can help with onsite assistance.

Below are the general steps. Click the links for more detailed explanations on each step.

  1. Create a New Organisation
  2. Export Existing Budgets
  3. Create Budget Versions
  4. Import Budgets
  5. Copy Account Trees
  6. Further Settings to Consider

Create a New Organisation

  1. Create a new organisation in Calxa by connecting to your new accounting software.

For details refer to the relevant Calxa help note below:

NOTE: Offline accounting files are not supported by Calxa online (MYOB AccountRight Local/Network libraries, MYOB Classic Premier v19). You must have an online accounting file to use an online workspace.

Once you have created the new organisation you should now see two companies listed in your organisation list: one from the old package and one from the new package. Note they may have the same organisation name but the accounting software logos are shown in the list (example below).


Export Existing Budgets

You will need to open your existing organisation and repeat the export steps below for each of your budget versions.

  1. Click Export in the main ribbon.


  2. Make the following selection in the export screen.
    1. Select your existing organisation. (This will most likely be the first one)
    2. Select all Business Units. (We want to export all existing budget data so select all)
    3. Select Last Year, This year and Future Years that have budgets. (Note: you can export prior years if required but unless your new accounting data has actuals in prior years the budgets will be redundant)
    4. Select the first Budget Version. (Repeat the export process for each budget version)
    5. Select Text file. (Export and import process is much faster with text files and we will not be editing the data)
    6. Set Export Format to Monthly Amounts.
    7. SetBudget Type to All accounts.
    8. Select Export comments enabled and Export detail accounts only.


  3. Click Export and Save the file with a name you can easily recognise later.

  4. It is important to note that each accounting system formats the account numbers and account names a little differently. Therefore we need to copy the correct format to the exported budgets so they can be imported back into the new organisation without errors:
    1. Use the new organisation that has been created from the new accounting software and export the budget as per the steps above. You will now have an exported budget from the existing (original) organisation and the new organisation.
    2. Open both budgets in Excel and copy the account number column and account name column from the new organisation into the existing (original) organisation budget. Note that the account rows may not be in the same order in each of the budgets, so it may not be possible to do a copy and paste of all rows in one go.

Create Budget Versions

If you have more than one budget version you will need to create budget versions in the new organisation, otherwise you may skip this step. Repeat the steps below for each additional budget version required.

  1. Click Edit in the main ribbon.


  2. Select the new organisation (new accounting software).

  3. In the Budget versions column expand the Edit Budget Version section.

Type the name of your new budget version in the Budget Name field and click Add.


Import Budgets

You will need to repeat the import steps below for each of your budget versions.

  1. Click Import in the main ribbon.


  2. Make the following selections in the export screen
    1. Browse and find your previously exported budget files.
    2. Select the new accounting software Organisation.
    3. Select the first Budget Version. (Repeat the import process for each budget version)
    4. Select Enable comments import.


  3. Click Import.

Copy Account Trees

If you had created custom Account Trees in your existing organisation then you will need to copy them to the new organisation, otherwise you may skip this step. Repeat the steps below for each Account Tree.

  1. Click Account Trees in the main ribbon.


  2. Select your new Organisation.

  3. Select the drop down menu as part of the Create New icon.


  4. Select Create New->Copy from other organisation


  5. Select the existing Organisation and tick the first Account Tree to copy. (Repeat the copy process for each Account Tree)


  6. Click Transfer.


Further Settings to Consider

Following is a list of settings that cannot be copied or imported and must be setup manually. The links will take you to associated help notes.