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Calxa provides tools for maintaining multiple budgets, including multiple budget versions for all of your business units. Your organisations, departments and projects are referred to in Calxa as 'business units'. Business unit terminology is customisable as shown in Terminology Settings section. The purpose of this document is to give an overview of the business unit and budget version concepts and how Calxa can help you manage your separate budgets.

Budget Version

Budget versions are a concept in Calxa that allows you to create multiple budget scenarios for the same business unit. This is an important concept as new budget versions do not need to be created for each business unit. A single budget version can consist of separate budgets for each of your business units, however to create different budget scenarios you would create multiple budget versions. For example you may wish to have an approved budget that does not change and a forecast budget for reforecasting your budget or a best case and worst case budget scenarios. Remember that each of these budget versions holds the individual budgets for each business unit. A Calxa user with Administrator privileges (refer to help note - Configure Calxa Users and Permissions) can lock a Budget Version for a particular year, making it read-only and preventing users from changing it. This ensures that the budget that is signed off by your board is the same budget you report back to them with.

When running reports in Calxa you can choose which budget version to report on and there are some reports that compare actuals to 2 different budget versions (your Approved Budget and your Current Forecast, for example).  


Business Unit Budgets

As mentioned in the budget versions section you can create a separate budget for each business unit. This is the case for all business unit types including organisations, departments and projects. Each budget is saved independently of each other within the one budget version. For details on editing business unit budgets please see our help note on Editing Budgets.  


Organisational Budget

The organisation budget is the overall budget of your company. This budget is associated and compares with the actual figures reported by the overall organisation level profit and loss in your accounting file. If your organisation budget is a consolidation of your department or project budgets then you can create and maintain an organisation budget by applying budget shortcuts in the edit budget screen. This is explained in our help note on Editing Budgets. Alternatively if your budget is always a consolidation of department or project budgets you do not need to maintain an organisation budget. This is made possible with the reporting options in Calxa.

When reporting on the organisation business unit (see help note Cost Centre Reporting with Calxa Business Units) Calxa provides an option to choose your budget source. You can select to use your Organisation Budget, Consolidated Departments or Consolidated Projects. If you use one of the consolidation options, you do not need to maintain an Organisation budget. This will compare your overall Actuals with the consolidated business unit budgets.



Terminology Settings

Calxa has three types of business units with default names of Organisation, Department and Project. If you prefer to use different terminology or match the terminology of your accounting file these names are customisable. When Calxa imports from your accounting file, business units are mapped in the following way:


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To edit business unit terminology follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Click on the Calxa menu in the top left corner:


  2. Select Application Configuration from the drop down menu:


  3. Select Terminology Settings:


  4. Edit the name under My Term as shown: