Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services)

This guide is intended for IT professionals, providing a suggested setup for using Calxa under Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Remote Desktop Services is a system where software (applications) and data files are run on a server, rather than on a local PC. Thus the server ‘does the work’ and data can reside on the same server.

Calxa Installation and User Activations

Install Calxa on the RDS server using the standard installation process (refer to this help note for more details). If your RDS server is a cluster of multiple servers, Calxa will need to be installed on each server individually. You should be aware that each windows user/login that accesses the server will be required to activate the licence when they first run Calxa. Once again, if you have multiple servers in a cluster, an activation will be required for each user/login on each server.  

Note:  Each activated windows user/login counts towards your licenced users.

Directories and Files 

User Settings

Calxa application data and user settings are saved in the Windows User Roaming Profile. Therefore group policy settings should not restrict access or delete files from Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Calxa Pty Ltd.

Local Database Files

Once Calxa is installed and activated, the first prompt will be to create a Calxa database. Calxa supports multiple database types including online, local database or SQL Server database. For details on choosing an appropriate database type, please refer to this help note.

If you choose to use a local database, you should be aware that this must be saved on the local disk and does not support multiuser access.  Users requiring access to Calxa will need read/write access to the location of the Calxa database.  Do not use a mapped drive to connect to a Calxa database

For details on creating your database please refer to this help note.

Using SQL Server on Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services)

If the RDS server installation is intended for multiuser access an SQL Server database will be required. The SQL Server instance may be installed on the RDS server or any other server on the network.  

For more information on setting up a SQL Server please refer to the Calxa help note How to Configure a Network Database (SQL Server).