This support note will guide you through the process of changing the terminology used for the profit lines in Calxa reports. An example of this could be changing the words Net Profit to Surplus/Deficit. It is assumed that you are familiar with the Report Designer. If this is not the case you should first read Report Designer: General Concepts.

  1. In the Report Designer, click on the Field List tab in the Report Explorer 


  2. Right-click in the Field List underneath the AccountsList folder and click on Add Calculated Field 


  3. A new field will be created called calculatedField1. Right click on the new field and click on Edit Calculated Fields…


  4. A dialog box called CalculatedField Collection Editor will open. Edit the following properties as follows:
    1. Expression:
      Iif([NameForReport]  == 'Net Profit', 'Surplus/Deficit' , Iif([NameForReport]  == 'Operating Profit', 'Operating Surplus/Deficit' , Iif([NameForReport]  == 'Gross Profit', 'Gross Surplus/Deficit', [NameForReport])))

      You should replace the highlighted text with your preferred terminology. For example, if you wanted to change Net Profit into simply Profit, change the highlighted Surplus/Deficit text into Profit.

      [NameForReport] may differ depending on the type of report you are customising, but this field is the field that is bound to the account name column.

    2. Field Type:

    3. (Name):


  5. When you are finished editing the field, click on the OK button. Then drag and drop the new field to the [AccountsList.NameForReport] data binding field.


  6. After doing so [AccountsList.NameForReport] should change to [AccountsList.CustomAccountName] 


  7. Once you have done that, simply run a report on the report template to ensure that it worked correctly