Login Name or Password

The most common problem when trying to connect to your MYOB file is an incorrect password. The MYOB ODBC Driver version 10 is case-sensitive and the password needs to be entered exactly as it was set up in MYOB. 

If you’re not sure how it was set up in MYOB, the simplest solution is to reset the password in MYOB to something that is all lower-case. Note – you can reuse the same password.


MYOB Password Too Long

This problem can occur when the MYOB password is longer than 11 characters. MYOB may appear to accept all the characters in your password however it is actually discarding the 12th onwards. When you provide Calxa with your password it will pass the entire password to the ODBC driver which then reports an error.

To resolve this problem either (a) just enter the first 11 characters of the password in Calxa or (b) change the Administrator password in MYOB to one of 11 or fewer characters.


Retrieving Data Takes Too Long

The extraction of data from your MYOB file is limited by the ODBC driver technology but you can improve the performance by optimising your MYOB file first. In the MYOB Command Centre, go to File, Optimise Company File.

Warning: Do not try to optimise a file across a network, always do it on a local computer.


Error: Can't Read Certain Tables when Creating Organisation

The most common problem when creating your organisation for the first time is due to user permissions. To create your organisation in Calxa you must use an Administrator user account with full access. The simplest solution is to specifically use the “Administrator” username and password. 

Note: This is only necessary during the organisation creation. All future data updates can be done with standard user accounts.


Error: Company File Does Not Exist 

The above error message can be returned by the MYOB ODBC driver. This error is caused when the folder and file name path exceeds the limit of 128 characters, which is the limit the MYOB ODBC driver can accept. To resolve this you should move the MYOB company file to a location with a shorter folder path or an alternate solution is to map a network drive to the folder.


Error: Old Client Won't Work With the New Server

The above error message can be returned by the MYOB ODBC driver and is caused when a comma exists in a folder or file name required to access the company file. To resolve this you should rename folders or your company file so they do not include commas. 


Error: MYOB file driver can not be detected. GetCountry method in 'ODBC_VER_DETECT.dll' failed.

In order to connect to your MYOB data, Calxa first attempts to determine what MYOB ODBC driver version to use and this error explains that it has failed. Logging out of windows and back in again generally resolves this problem however if it occurs frequently we recommend reinstalling the ODBC Driver.

NOTE: Offline accounting files like MYOB Classic are not supported by Calxa online. You must have an online accounting file to use an online workspace.