When you launch Calxa it will automatically check for updates, however there are various circumstances where the automatic update process may be blocked. This document will explain how to manually install Calxa updates.

How do I know there is an update to install?

You can learn about new updates from a number of sources:

  • The News Feed on the Dashboard in the software. This will document what changes have been made and the release date.

  • The Calxa Newsletter. This will highlight major updates.

  • The Calxa Website. Software update articles are published here and the News Feed on the dashboard links to these articles for further details.

Manually Updating Calxa

Download the full installer from software.calxa.com/installer/SetupCalxa.exe. This is always updated to the latest version when a patch is released.

Click on the link to automatically download the Calxa installer file. When the file has downloaded to your computer, double click the file to run the installation.

You do not need to uninstall the previous version of Calxa that is installed as the new Calxa installer will uninstall the existing version and install the new version.