Installing from the Download Link

Download Calxa here

  1. Click on the download link provided above or in your Welcome email.  

  2. When the following message appears, select Save and choose an appropriate place to save the file.


  3. Wait while Calxa downloads – this may take a few minutes, then when Calxa has finished downloading (provided that the Close this dialogue box when download complete box is unchecked) click on the Open button:


  4. If the following message appears, select Run:


  5. When the Calxa Client Setup Wizard appears, select Next:


  6. The following screen will appear. Read the End-User Licence Agreement and if you accept its terms, select ‘I Accept the terms in the License Agreement’ and click Next.


  7. Click Next. We recommend you use the default installation location, however you can click Browse to navigate to a different location. Calxa must be installed on a local disk or activation will fail:


  8. Click Install:


  9. If your anti-virus program asks you if you want to allow the program to make changes to your computer, select Yes.

  10. To complete the installation wizard, click Finish:


  11. When your first run Calxa you will need to activate your license. To request a trial activation key click on the Request a trial key online link. If you have already purchased Calxa and have received your serial number, click Next and skip to step 14 to proceed.


  12. You will be prompted with an internet window, simply click on the Submit button to request a trial key.


  13. When your trial key is generated, copy or write down the key.

  14. In the Calxa Activation Wizard, select Internet Activation, and click Next.  


    Note – If you do not have internet access or the Internet activation fails, please refer to Manual Activation.

  15. Type or paste your serial number into the Serial Number field, and enter your contact details into the appropriate fields. Click Finish.


    Note – You may also choose to activate for a single user or for all users.

  16. When completed successfully the License Summary dialog will be displayed. Click Close to finish.



Manual Activation

This process is only necessary if the Internet Activation process fails or you don’t have internet access on your computer. Internet access will still be required through an internet browser however this may be on any machine. 

  1. Select Generate Manual Activation Request and click Next.


  2. Type or paste your serial number into the Serial Number field, and enter your contact details into the appropriate fields and click Next.


  3. Click the Copy to clipboard button and then click on the Manual Activation link provided.


    Note - If you do not have internet access on the machine being activated save the text to a file and transfer to a machine with internet access, then using your internet browser, browse to the link shown in the wizard above.

  4. Click the Paste from Clipboard button or paste the text into the field provided, then click on Submit.


  5. Click on the Copy to Clipboard button or copy the activation response text from the window.


  6. In the Calxa Activation Wizard you will need to enter the activation response text. If you have not closed the wizard, click Next. Otherwise start Calxa again and select Apply Manual Activation Response, then click Next.


  7. If the activation response is on the clipboard it will automatically be copied in to the response field. If not text appears in the response window copy the response text to the clipboard and paste it manually. Click Finish.


  8. You will be prompted with a new window displaying your License Summary. Congratulations, you have now activated your Calxa product. Simply click Close to finish.


Installing from CD

  1. Insert CD into CD drive.

  2. When the following window appears, select Run index.exe.


  3. Click Next:


  4. Read through the introductory screens at your own pace and when you reach the last tab, click Install Now:


  5. Follow Steps 5 – 16 from Installing from the Download Link.