This help note is used for backing up and restoring local Calxa database files. If you are using an SQL server database please refer to the help note – Backup and Restore: Network Database.

Backup Datafile

  1. Click the Backup button


  2. Select the location you want to back up your data file to:


    Note – The default name of the backup file is the Calxa database name and the date, with a ‘zip’ extension.

  3. When you have selected the desired location for backup, click Save.

Restore Datafile

  1. To restore your backup access the Authentication screen by running Calxa or using the Calxa menu on the ribbon:


  2. Select the Local database source and click the Restore Database button:


  3. Select your backup using Browse button.

  4. Select or create a database to restore to and click the Restore button:


  5. Click Sign In on the Authentication screen to connect to the restored database.