Calxa can be used with a number of different accounting packages and integrates with these packages in different ways. Aside from your initial company setup and subsequent updates, Calxa behaves in much the same way regardless of the chosen accounting package. There are, however, some important differences to be aware of. This support note will outline the things you should know about using Calxa with MYOB and best practices for a smooth integration.


Supported Versions

  • MYOB Essentials (Australia and New Zealand)
  • MYOB AccountRight (Online Library) 2013 and above 



Integration uses the MYOB ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) driver version relevant to your MYOB version. The driver is installed by default with MYOB, however Calxa will install the appropriate version automatically if is not already present when you attempt to connect to MYOB. This means that you do not need to have MYOB installed on the same machine as Calxa and just require access to the MYOB data file. Although network access will reduce the performance of the MYOB ODBC driver connection, there is no problem in doing so. 

If you use passwords on your MYOB file, Calxa will prompt for your MYOB username and password to authorise the connection. You can store the username and password if you do not wish to enter it each time. Using this ODBC connection, Calxa will populate its own database which is then used for editing and reporting. In other words, there is no live connection and no changes are made to your MYOB data. 



Calxa references each MYOB account on a key rather than the account number or name. This means you can safely renumber or rename accounts in MYOB and Calxa will still recognise it as the same account. Deleting an account in MYOB also deletes this account in Calxa and any associated budgets, actuals or settings.


Opening Balances

During the initial import Calxa will setup account opening balances as obtained from the opening balances in MYOB. Future organisation updates will not affect these balances so changes made to opening balances in MYOB will not be reflected in Calxa. For this reason you should not adjust opening balances in MYOB. Additionally it is not a good idea to merge balance sheet accounts as the opening balances will not be updated on the merged account. 


Business Units

Business units are the broader term in Calxa representing both Categories and Jobs. Although the Calxa terminology is configurable, Calxa Departments represent MYOB Categories and Calxa Projects represent MYOB Jobs.

Calxa references each MYOB Category or Job on a key rather than the number or name. This means you can safely renumber or rename Categories or Jobs in MYOB and Calxa will recognise them as the same Category or Job. Deleting a Category or Job in MYOB also deletes the Category or Job in Calxa along with any associated budgets.



On the initial import Calxa will give you the option to import budgets. During the budget import Calxa will import and update the Organisation budget for the Current Year and Next Year. Since monthly Business Unit budgets cannot be saved in MYOB, Calxa will assume Business Unit budgets are an annual value for the current financial year and the budget value will be split equally across the 12 months. Budgets cannot be updated from Calxa back to MYOB.