In order to get started with Calxa you first need to create a workspace (database or data source) to store all of your organisation information. Calxa has a few database options including Online, Local and Network.

For more information on each workspace type and to help you choose, please refer to the support note article - Which Workspace Type Should I Use? 

If you are trialling Calxa or you are the only current user, we recommend connecting to an Online Workspace or creating a Local Workspace. For details on connecting to an Online Workspace please refer to the help note article - Calxa Online Workspace. In this article we explain how to create a Local Workspace.

Note: MYOB AccountRight Local and Network libraries files are not supported for use with a Calxa online workspace, nor is Reckon Accounts. You must use an online accounting file with an online workspace.

Create Local Workspace

  1. Run Calxa and if you have not already opened a Calxa Workspace before the following screen will appear:

    create 1

    Note: If Calxa automatically opens an existing workspace you can navigate to this screen by Clicking Calxa in the upper left corner and selecting Authentication from the dropdown menu.  

    create 1a

  2. Click the Create/ Open button and browse to a file location to save your Calxa workspace.
    When creating a Local database this location must be on a local disk and not a mapped drive or network share.

    create 2

  3. Type a file name and click Open.

  4. Your new workspace will be created and you will be signed in as the default user 'Administrator' without a password. Since this is a new workspace there will be no organisational data and you will be prompted to create one. Please refer to the help note article What accounting software works with Calxa? to help in creating your first Organisation.