Workflows allow you to save time by automating tasks such as syncing the organisation data from your accounting system and generating and delivering report bundles. In this article we cover how report month works with workflows and how that affects the date selection you will use in your report bundles.

With workflows, there is no place on the Automation screen for you to select the Report Month because workflows are intended to be an automated process done on a schedule.

The key thing to be aware of here is that Calxa will always consider the report month to be the previous full calendar month by default when working with workflows. You will therefore need to set the date criteria in your bundled reports with that in mind to ensure you get the reports you expect. For example, when an automated workflow runs late in the calendar month of June, the report month when it runs will be May.

Note: To clarify, an automated workflow's report month bears no relationship to the date you last synced your organisation data. If you haven't synced your organisation in 4 months, for example, and you are now in the calendar month of October, the report month in workflows will be set to September by default.

  1. For instance, let's say you want to set up a workflow to run during the current month, like in the case of running reports in mid-June for the month-to-date of June.

    The report month when it's run in June will be May in Calxa by default. This is because May is the previous full calendar month available from your accounting system when you run a workflow in June.

    What this means for date selection in your month-to-date bundle is that you should set dates based on a report month of the previous month.

    For example with the Actual & Budget report, which displays the month and YTD actual vs budget P&L, you would set the Period in the Report Filters to Relative 1 so the report gives you results for the current month-to-date of June.

    In summary, the report month for the workflow in this example here is May. To get a report showing June month-to-date results, you must ask for the report month + 1 month (May + 1 = June), with a Period of Relative 1.

  2. On the other hand, if you wanted to run a workflow in mid-June to report on May's month-end results (full month), you would set the Period to Relative 0, just the same as you do when running a single report in the Builder screen.

For further information on workflows, please see Create an Automated Workflow, Edit Workflow Actions and Properties, View Workflow Activity and History, and What to do if your Workflow Fails.

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