When consolidating multiple organisations it's a common that you'll have companies with different accounts and structures and therefore to streamline your reports you may need to map each organisation accounts to a common structure. To do this in Calxa you will use Account Trees and in this help article we'll take a look at some ideas specific to using Account Tree for Consolidation.


Use an Account Tree for Multi-Org Consolidation

During consolidations Calxa will attempt to merge account balances from each organisation’s chart of accounts. Accounts balances will only be merged when an exact match can be made.

An exact match is only present when accounts in each organisation have the same account number, account name and header account structure. When an exact match is made the resulting report will display a single account showing the combined balance of all organisations, otherwise multiple separate accounts will be displayed in the resulting reports.

Please see the following help articles for the details on creating and editing accounts trees. in this article we'll focus on the features most relevant to consolidating multiple organisations.

Create a Tree and Copy to all Organisations in the Group

Using the details available in the help links above you'll want to use this general flow to create and copy account trees for consolidating multiple organisation.

  1. Create a new tree in one organisation first.

  2. Make sure you create ALL the required Categories and Headers even if this organisation does not contain accounts for them. The idea is that this will be the Tree for the whole group when consolidated. The header structure will determine what comes out at the different report levels. You can use levels in report criteria to report with more or less detail.

  3. Now that you have you complete tree you can Copy it to all your organisations.

  4. For each organisation in the group map all the detail accounts to this new Account Tree.

  5. Now Create or Edit your Organisation Group and make sure each organisation uses the same Account Tree. Note you can use this icon to auto-populate the Account Tree with a specific name on all organisations.

    You can use the

    icon to cascade the Account Tree to all organisations in the group.

    Cascade selection down

Use an Account Tree for Elimination Entries

If you are consolidating multiple organisations and have a requirement to eliminate intercompany transactions then you'll want to group the intercompany accounts together in a Summary only header account. See the Elimination Entries help article for full details.

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