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Edit a Bundle - Actions on a Total Bundle
Edit a Bundle - Actions on a Total Bundle

Copy, delete or publish a bundle, export the bundle to Excel

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Report Bundles allow you to combine a variety of reports together with cover pages, notes and other rich text documents, then display and print them as one document. This help note will describe actions that can be done on an entire bundle.


To learn about how to open the Bundle screen, run a bundle, add a report or document to a bundle, reorder and disable reports in a bundle please see the Edit a Bundle - Basics help note.

Refer to Edit a Bundle - Actions on an Individual Report to find out how to edit criteria in bundled reports, as well as run, copy, rename and delete a report from a bundle.

Rename a Bundle

  1. To rename a bundle click on the ellipsis to the right of the bundle name and select Edit bundle information.

  2. Type in the name you'd like use for your bundle in the Name field. If you'd like to add a note about the bundle for yourself or others enter it in the Reference field.

    Tick the Display the bundle title within the generated bundle checkbox if you want the bundle title to be displayed at the top of your bundle.

    Click Save Reports.

Copy a Bundle

Copying a bundle will copy all of the bundle's reports and settings to a new bundle. This can be quite a time saver when you want to set up reports for a new organisation or create new business unit reports.

  1. Click on the ellipsis to the right of the bundle name and select Copy Bundle.

  2. Type the name for your copied bundle in the Name field. Populate the Reference field as desired (optional).

    You have the option to display the name of your bundle at the top of the bundle. To do so, tick the checkbox next to Display the bundle title within the generated bundle.

    Click Copy Bundle.

  3. Your new bundle will now be selected and listed under My Bundles on the left. The bundle content is displayed on the right.

  4. You will next need to edit the criteria on each of your reports to suit the purpose of this new bundle. See steps 3-6 of Configure a Report for details.

Delete a Bundle

  1. To delete a bundle click on the ellipsis to the right of the bundle name and select Delete Bundle. Please note this is permanent, and will remove the entire Bundle.

  2. Type DELETE into the pop up box to confirm you want to delete the entire bundle and all its contents. Then click the Delete a Report Bundle button.

Publish a Bundle

Publish bundles in Calxa to save all of your data at a point in time. This will allow you to confirm what a particular bundle contained at the time you originally distributed it. Please see the Publish your Reports article for details.

Export a Bundle to Excel

When you export an entire bundle to Excel it splits the bundle into multiple sheets for each report.

If you wish to export the Bundle to Excel with one Excel sheet per report, Continuous Page for Exporting to Excel

Please refer to Preview a Report for instructions on how to export a bundle to PDF and other formats.

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